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Hollywood Beach Recovery Ventura CA 93003

Located in the coastal area of Ventura, Hollywood Beach is a small beach town with many choices for recreation and...
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Surf Rider Sober Living Oxnard CA 93035

With a population of nearly eight million people, Oxnard, California has a lot to offer as far as real estate...
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Freedom House Oxnard CA 93030

Freedom House is a newly established sober living facility in southern California dedicated to helping people recover from alcohol and...
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Genesis Sober Living Inc. Oxnard CA 93030

Genesis Sober Living is a non-profit, Christian-based organization that provides a variety of sober living homes in the Los Angeles...
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Ventura County Sober Living Coalition Oxnard CA 93030

The Ventura County Sober Living Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people who are suffering...
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Information about Sober Living in Ventura California

“How to find sober living in Ventura California?” This is one question most commonly asked by persons newly diagnosed with a mental disorder, particularly someone newly addicted to drugs or alcohol. The short answer is: it depends. Finding a suitable, affordable “get clean” program may require some legwork, but when you do find one that works for you and your specific needs, you’ll be well on your way to living a happy, healthy, drug-free life. “HCS is an excellent provider of residential services for people with mental disabilities. Our programs include residential respite, group homes and educational and rehabilitation programs. In addition, HCS provides special needs individual and family services, including so-called “structured transitional living”, “market-oriented” programs, and “life coaching”. The term “structured transitional living” describes a program of transitional living that offers both a support system for the addict and his or her family. Life coaching, on the other hand, focuses on problem solving as well as interaction with other people. For those who need help with finding sober living apartments, contact your local drug treatment and humane society agency. For those who are ready to make a fresh start with their lives, contact HCS, which is very familiar with the issues facing persons newly addicted to drugs or alcoholism. “Being here is not easy,” says Jocelyn Dawes, HCS President and Executive Director. “Ventura is filled with beautiful, supportive neighborhoods and public places, and there are many transitional and supportive housing facilities that offer help with finding permanent residences. However, there is no shame in turning to the streets for help.”