• American Drug Testing Centers is dedicated to placing clients in the best addiction recovery programs. Once you’ve decided to make a change, let us facilitate your recovery with our dual diagnosis approach to treatment.

  • We place clients in luxury drug rehab facilities that offer clinically managed detox, a wide variety of therapy options, and opulent amenities. American Drug Testing Centers is passionate about placing clients in the right addiction treatment program for them.

  • For those who have developed both a physical and psychological dependency on substances, a clinically managed detox may be the best option towards recovery. Our experienced staff will work with clients to help cut off ties with addiction.

About Us

Death from overdose has seriously been on the rise throughout the course of the past ten years in the United States. These deaths impact and devastate countless families every day. Our network of providers at American Drug Testing Centers work both night and day to ensure that you receive top of the line care during addiction recovery treatment. We are committed to placing each client in a luxurious facility that uses a dual diagnosis approach for each client who comes to us for a personalized addiction treatment program. Because addiction is a disease that affects both the mind and the body, our sympathetic staff members will work together to identify and address both the mental and physical side effects of each client’s specific addiction.

Here at American Drug Testing Centers, our network of providers will begin your treatment with a clinically managed detox that is administered and supervised by our experienced staff. In order to ease you into a restful detoxification process, your clinically managed detox will be determined based on your past and current situation with substance abuse. After you have completed a successful detox, you will take up residence in our sober living facilities in order to integrate relapse prevention techniques into daily living practices. Our case managers and educated staff will also teach you positive coping mechanisms to utilize during times of stress and temptation. 12 step programs, hiking, yoga, meditation, art, group therapy and one on one counseling all restore self-control and clarity during these difficult times.

American Drug Testing Centers accepts new clients on a rolling enrollment basis so that we can maintain low capacity and maximum quality of care in each of our facilities. Low client intake ensures that we are able to offer comprehensive care and our broad spectrum services to all of our in-house clients at all times. If you or someone you care about is struggling to break the substance abuse cycle, contact a knowledgeable and supportive professional from our network of providers.

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