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Alcoholism Treatment Center (ATC), Alcoholics Anonymous, and Town & Country rehabs offer residential and outpatient drug detox programs in Florida. The centers provide comprehensive services that will help patients recover from the devastating effects of alcoholism and drug abuse. Inpatient or Outpatient Drug Detoxification Treatment: There are three types of residential drug detox centers – residential, day detox, and inpatient. The residential center for drug detox is for 12-step drug detox. A residential drug detox facility will provide all the treatment and care that an addict needs, including medical and mental health care, detoxification, and counseling. An outpatient drug detox is for those who do not have a serious drug problem and who wish to be clean. These facilities provide 24-hour care and treatment, medication detox, individual and group counseling, detoxification assistance, and family therapy. Inpatient programs offer in-house detox and recovery support while out-patient rehabs offer outpatient detox, medication detox, and support groups. Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs: Most substance abuse centers offer outpatient alcohol and drug detox programs to clients who have completed inpatient drug detox programs. Outpatient drug detox centers offer outpatient services with a program designed for those who do not qualify for inpatient programs. The most effective outpatient treatment programs will include both medication detox and in-patient care. This is because the medication detox helps those who suffer from severe withdrawals feel better and they have a better chance of recovering from the condition and living a sober life. Another benefit of a medication detox program is that it allows an addict to enter a program where their drug and alcohol use are addressed. Because they can be supervised by a professional during detox and then gradually weaned off medication, they may also feel less self-conscious about their drug use because they know they are using drugs and alcohol, but they don’t feel as though they are “totally” addicted. When you go to an outpatient substance abuse treatment center for treatment, you can expect to be screened for drug and alcohol problems and you’ll get individual therapy and group therapy. based on your specific needs. Some outpatient programs offer outpatient programs like acupuncture, massage, yoga, and music therapy. This is because substance abusers who have a difficult time quitting on their own have problems with compulsive behavior. They may also have difficulties with anxiety, depression, stress, social phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Other treatments offered at outpatient centers are anger management, breathing and meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, and acupuncture. There are also outpatient programs like yoga, massage, and acupuncture. This is because substance abusers who have a difficult time quitting on their own have problems with compulsive behavior. Inpatient programs: There are some drug rehab programs that can be done in-clinic. An inpatient rehab program offers an intensive therapy that will help addicts overcome substance abuse. Once you are detoxed, you will be given medical assistance to help you through detox and will be placed in a rehabilitation facility where you will stay until you are ready to get back to work. You can also find long-term residential programs, where you’ll be able to stay in a rehabilitation facility until you are ready to go back to work. Depending on the type of program you have, you may need to stay in the rehabilitation facility for several weeks or months. If you want to complete inpatient programs in-clinics are more popular for people who are still struggling with their substance abuse. You will be monitored by doctors and social workers who will help you through detox and help you build coping mechanisms so you will not return to your old behaviors. Most people who come to residential programs stay there until they are fully recovered, which may take several years. The program will teach you how to change your life so you won’t use drugs and alcohol in the future. The outpatient or long-term residential rehab programs available can provide you with an excellent opportunity to overcome your addiction and return to a productive, active lifestyle. Most people who participate in outpatient programs go back to school or join a work program. after completing their in-patient program. Many people go back to school and start a successful new life as they move towards recovery.