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Information about Sober Living in Tennessee

It has been quite a while since I have written about the so called “Substance Abuse Prevention Act” in Tennessee, it is a very serious and useful bill that was introduced in both houses of Congress. This bill makes it illegal to buy or sell a product with known high levels of alcohol by anyone under 21 years old and if caught doing so would be punished by jail time. The penalties are also very serious for people who sell drugs or engage in drug rehabilitation centers. There is also a bill that was introduced in the House of Representatives in January called the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Enhancement Act. This is a very helpful piece of legislation because it states that anyone who buys drugs or does any kind of rehab program will be put on an outpatient basis and then on a long term basis. This way they can get treatment when needed rather than when they are free and available. So there you have it, a quick synopsis of how to find Sober Living in Tennessee, which hopefully is something that can give you some information on the subject. It seems that our federal government is trying to focus on rehabbing addicts instead of locking them up.