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Information about Sober Living in Cranston Rhode Island

“If you are looking for a unique and serene way to live your life, you need to check out the sober homes in Cranston Rhode Island,” says Ken Moore, a certified counselor and behavior modification expert. “There are many unique qualities about the sober homes in Cranston that make them a great choice for anyone looking to move into a simpler lifestyle. You will be able to take part in the activities and socializing that you love while still maintaining a sense of dignity and independence. A stay at one of these homes will allow you the opportunity to explore yourself in a safe and secure setting without worrying about losing your freedom.” One of the most in demand services in recent months has been the Department of Social Services’ Office of Supportive Housing. Among the services offered by the Department of Social Services is the provision of transitional housing for families and individuals alike who have experienced a life change. The Department of Social Services offers housing for people who are experiencing the loss of a loved one, are in the process of receiving treatment for an addiction to drugs or alcohol, or are just trying to find stability and relief from their overwhelming stresses and concerns. The Cranston City Council has also taken an active role in the local economy. There are currently three multilingual staff members assigned to the department. They assist with implementing a multifaceted community effort to support economic development and revitalization efforts. As part of this effort the Department of Social Services also runs a publicly funded day care in the neighborhood that provides education, art, health services, social services and a safe haven for children leaving foster care or entering the adult system. This effort, called Compassionate Healing, is modeled after the U.S. Department of Social Services’ mission in serving those in need who are homeless, isolated or suffering from addiction. If you are interested in exploring options regarding transitional housing or are in need of supportive housing in Cranston, contact the Department of Social Services.