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Information about Sober Living in Yonkers New York

There are many options available for a person looking to move into a new residential setting that offers so called “sober living” units. Some of the choices include individual apartments, mobile homes, and transitional residences. In addition, there are also sober houses and sober treatment centers for those who would like to participate in such an environment. The first option, individual apartments, usually offer more privacy than transitional houses, which offer larger living areas and multiple bedrooms. If one is interested in a mobile home, there are many sober living facilities that can provide this type of housing. These have the benefit of having the resident’s personal space, as well as the benefit of having their own house rules. Many mobile homes have their own house rules, which allow residents to stay for just a couple of weeks or up to a year. In addition, some facilities will allow house guests to stay for a longer period of time. However, these house rules are usually per house, which means each resident will have their own set of rules. Transitional residences are those that allow short term stays by members of society. These are usually smaller spaces, such as lofts, studios, and townhouses. The majority of transitional residences do have their own house rules, which limit the number of visitors that may stay at the residence, the amount of money that can be spent in the home, as well as other house rules that are related to addiction and recovery.