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Information about Sober Living in North Dakota

A North Dakota state Senator was arrested on drug charges in connection with the infamous “Wet House Scandal.” This controversy involved a so-called “sober living” facility where the facility allowed patients to drink and dine on food that had been contaminated with feces. The state Senator, Jason Kavanagh (R) was arrested last week after an investigation by The Associated Press and Denver7 revealed the facility’s lax procedures. Kavanagh has since filed for an administrative leave. According to the report, he admitted to drinking and dining on food “that had been tainted by feces.” According to the AP, he has been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of his criminal proceedings. Denver also reported that Kavanagh denied that he knowingly consumed any food or drink contaminated with feces at the facility. However, according to an AP report, a lab confirmed that the food in question was contaminated with feces and a former employee who worked at the facility was also arrested after testing positive for drugs related to the tainted food. Kavanagh’s arrest is the latest scandal involving so-called “Sober Living” facilities in North Dakota. Earlier this year, a lawsuit was filed against a similar facility, claiming that it allowed alcohol to be served while intoxicated. In the wake of these scandals, several states have begun to tighten their regulations surrounding so-called “Sober Living” centers. If you’re considering living in North Dakota, check to make sure your facility complies with state guidelines.