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Information about Sober Living in Glen Burnie Maryland

In the northwest part of Glen Burnie Maryland, just minutes from the American Legion is a community called Halfway House. This community offers all the conveniences you would expect in a suburban area. It is very laid back with no children allowed and strict rules on behavior. You will not be able to find more relaxed living conditions anywhere. The homes are newer than most and each one has its own charm and style. If you like your neighborhood quiet and well kept then this is definitely for you. If you love a bustling community then you may want to look elsewhere. What makes Halfway House such a great community is that you can find so much nearby. You are not far from American Golf Club, American Legion, Old Town Glen Burnie, and several other attractions. All of these destinations are just minutes away. Halfway House has two homes that are available to rent and one town home that is still available for lease. The town home is fully furnished and has appliances, linens, and all the amenities you would find in a private gated community. The house has a swimming pool and large back yard. The one unit that is available for lease has been fully furnished and is ready for you or your family. No matter what your style, you will be able to find sober living at Halfway House.