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Information about Sober Living in Springfield Massachusetts

There is a new housing project going up in Springfield Massachusetts called the Transitional Living Complex. This project will be providing housing for people who are in recovery and may not have an alcohol or drug addiction. The goal of this complex is to create an environment that will help you to transition from inpatient care into being sober. Currently there are many in-home services provided to people in recovery such as counseling, group meetings, support groups and referral to local agencies. If you are interested in finding a more permanent living situation you will need to find a place that provides services for transitional living and this may be done through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). When looking to find a Transitional Living Complex you will want to first look at the location of the property. Many have been built on small lots and offer single family and multiple unit dwellings. When looking for a property to look at the landscape and try to find out if the area has any possible easements or access to parks or other recreational areas. Once you determine that there are no physical barriers, you can then search for a property that is suitable for you and your needs. If you have found a property that you think may work for you then you must then look at how to find sober living in Springfield Massachusetts. HUD housing counselors are usually available at the Transitional Living Complex, to provide you with full information on what you need to do to get your application approved. You can call or come in person to talk to them about your unique situation. Remember if you are looking to find a sober and clean environment you will need to find a property that fits your needs. Once you have found your new home you will have turned a new page in your life and be on your way to sobriety.