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Information about Sober Living in Brookline Massachusetts

The mission of the Halfway House is to provide transitional living accommodations for men and women in need. It is a residential treatment and rehabilitation facility for men and women suffering from addiction to alcohol or drugs. Located in sunny Massachusetts near Boston, the Halfway House for men provides a unique program that caters to men with addictions. The term ‘transitional’ pertains to the fact that after leaving the program, the resident is still not completely recovered and may still need some additional assistance, structure and support to achieve goal setting, career development and reintegration. This service is offered in a residential environment. The Halfway House is committed to providing a safe haven for men and women with an addiction problem who are currently in crisis, in recovery or moving forward. Many programs offered at the Halfway House provide support for all ages and skill sets including: recovery, life coaching, personal growth, career planning, skill training, life guidance and education. The goal is to assist people in realizing their full potential and living productive and successful lives. Other services include: short-term living facility, long- term living facility, respite living, sheltered living, assisted living, residential treatment and detoxification center. Certain conditions and medications may be required for some residents. There are also several options available to those who wish to explore treatment. Some centers provide online access and others have telephone support.