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Information about Sober Living in Lenexa Kansas

If you’re a senior who needs more assistance with your senior care, contact the offices of the Lenexa Aging and Retirement Services to learn more about transitional living. Transitional Living is a “Housing Option” that provides Assisted-living and short-term supportive housing while you work toward either a Certification in Care (CIC) or Medicare. The goal is to help you transition from life in the community to living with professionals in an assisted living facility. The transitional housing programs offered by the Lenexa Aging and Retirement Services work closely with qualified professionals to create a setting that meets your unique needs. Contact the offices of the Lenexa Aging and Retirement Services for more information about CIC and Medicare transitional care. The following are examples of the transitional care programs offered in Lenexa: Care Transition for Seniors, which is a voluntary program offering qualified seniors opportunities to live in their own homes while receiving medical care; Senior Care in Need, a program that provides seniors with care at in-house facilities in Lenexa andoultrie; and Assisted-living Programs in Lenexa, including the following: Alzheimer’s Care, Inc., a program providing twenty-six-hour care and twenty-four hour supervision for those who qualify; Bethel Home Care, a residential home care program for those needing specialized assistance; and Resource Care for seniors, a private company offering various services to seniors. The services include but are not limited to, medical monitoring, medication reminders, intake forms, and medical care directives. The company also offers respite care and housekeeping services to its clients. Transitional programs are offered by several other companies. You can find sober living in Lenexa Kansas by contacting the local offices of the following companies: Care Transitional Solutions, Inc. (CTRS), a certified provider of Assisted-living Programs in Lenexa (APLS), and Senior Care Service of Mid-America, Inc. (SCAS). Each of these organizations provides quality programs that meet the needs of seniors. If you’re interested in learning more about finding a place to live, you can browse the Internet or go to your local county auditor’s office. Contact your county auditor or county planning office to inquire about senior care assistance programs. For additional information about finding a place to live and how to get involved with your community, browse our website. Learn what you can do to help seniors in your area to find sober living.