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Information about Sober Living in Rich Illinois

Sober Living in Rich Illinois is not easy. I was actually a resident of this state until I had my “second” diagnosis. I now live in New Mexico, and my doctor says that I am “functionally alcoholic”. It took me twenty-one years to realize that I was living with an alcoholic life, but even now that I am sober, there are still times when I feel like I am functioning “poorly”. One of the ways I have discovered to survive in such circumstances is by building community with other people who have “the blues”. It is amazing how such a simple concept can build bridges, get people emotionally stable and start them on the road to recovery. The Blues is a community of people that share their struggles, successes, sorrows, and victories through a network of correspondents. I have been able to remain connected with people in this community, all of whom are in some way “down on their luck” or having a “bad week”. One of the challenges of living “sober” is being aware of the temptation to just “rock bottom”. If you do find yourself “down on your luck”, it is important to remember to stay up and work on your recovery. People often think that if they have setbacks, it only shows that they are not a good enough person. I have learned that being able to “deal” with setbacks by learning to push through them, that there are also times when I need to step back and take a deep breath before getting up to fight another day.