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Information about Sober Living in Decatur Illinois

How to find Sober Living in Decatur Illinois? Halfway House Directory is a convenient, hassle-free, confidential means to locate a particular Halfway House, a Drug Rehab Center, or a halfway house, as well as, other so-called “sober living” centers. The half-mile stretch of Oak Street between Kankakee and Lincoln avenues is one of the most scenic, attractive, and affordable locations in all of the Southeast Michigan region. This truly makes it ideal for families on a budget who want to live where they can enjoy the best of both worlds-affordable housing and close proximity to medical care-without spending more than they intended to. There are two general types of full-service residences that exist in the half-mile stretch of Oak Street: The Family Care Home offers many services for those on a budget; the other is known as the Transitional Living facility, or SIM. Both offer comprehensive health care, social services, full-service detox, residential treatment for heroin, prescription drug abuse, and mental health counseling. In addition to these services, many residents choose to participate in a so-called “dry” program, which allows them to live onsite but refrain from engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as ingesting drugs or alcohol. In the event that an addict does utilize drugs or substances, Full-Service Homes provides twenty-four hour staff and nursing care to ensure proper detoxification. All of the services listed above are offered at half-monthly rates, making them affordable to families with limited financial resources. Families who have determined that full-time care is not an option with their loved one may want to look into the options that exist in halfway houses. Although the cost can be much higher than full-service sober living homes, there is a significant difference in what is provided, as well as what is required of the families who choose to stay behind. By carefully comparing a number of options and choosing a plan that best suits the needs of your loved one, you can ensure that he or she receives the care that he or she needs to achieve sobriety and stability.