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Information about Sober Living in Cicero Illinois

There are many different sources for advice on how to find Sober Living in Cicero Illinois, including friends and family who have already lived there themselves. One of my personal favorites is an organization called The Halfway House. The Halfway House provides housing for those going through a transitional stage in their lives, whether they are newlyweds divorcees, or simply older folks coming to the end of their long lives. If you are in need of a temporary living situation, the Halfway House can provide it for you. The Halfway House was started in Chicago and offers a variety of programs for their clients, including transitional living and permanent supportive housing. They offer housing to individuals facing either a divorce or coming out of a long term/short term relationship. The Halfway House also offers Senior Housing, which is in the same building as the Transitional Living Center but for senior citizens. Senior residents at the Halfway House receive both medical and psychiatric care and are sometimes able to find employment with benefits. The Halfway House is located in the Near West Side of Chicago’s West Town neighborhood, just a short walking distance from the downtown area and the Navy Pier. Another great source of information on Sober Living in Chicago and its surrounding area is Your Inner City Guide to Chicagoland. This website covers all the cultural aspects of this glorious Illinois city, with a special emphasis on the South Side. The website includes listings of the various churches and nonprofit organizations in the area, as well as listings of your local grocery store, book store, pharmacy, liquor store, movie theater, and more. (Your Inner City Guide to Chicagoland, by Don McCanne, available on Amazon and other online sources, is another great resource.) If you need additional help, the Guide has some self-help resources as well. There are also some helpful links to Chicago hotels, restaurants, and attractions on the Chicago Sober Living website.