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Information about Sober Living in Belleville Illinois

Halfway House Directory is an easy to use, trouble-free, hassle-free method to locate sober living centers in Belleville Illinois. We have all heard of the respected rehab centers in various cities and neighborhoods; ones that provide a complete service for individuals suffering from addictions to drugs and alcohol. But what about those out of town residents with a difficult problem? How do we find sober living facilities in Illinois, without a long drive? The answer is simple – visit our website. Halfway House directory is an easy to use, trouble-free, hassle-free way to discover a listing of halfway homes for substance abuse in Belleville. As a former addict myself, I know how difficult it is to locate a local, addiction treatment facility. My friends, family, and I used to search the local telephone directories, welfare agencies, schools and churches until we found a so-called “sober living center”. This was a waste of time and money, because none of these locations offers inpatient substance abuse treatment or halfway homes. In recent years, after consultations with local, state, and federal government agencies, we have been able to develop an online Halfway House Directory that provides easy access to finding the best inpatient or transitional living facility for your specific needs. The directory includes listings of hospitals, clinics, government agencies, residential treatment centers, halfway houses, support groups, and day/night respite care facilities/moods/lodges. Many times, families have more than one addiction that requires multiple facilities. For example, a parent may have a heroin addiction and a co-addition of alcoholism and substance abuse. When you are looking for a halfway house or a residential treatment center in Belleville, IL, it is imperative to check the directory for the specific needs that you or a family member have.