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As I am moving into retirement and thinking about a new home I am going to talk to some people who have moved into a new home in the area of Bartlett. Halfway House in Bartlett Ill is one of the new homes being built in the area. This is a house that is going to have two duplex units as well as single family homes. This is a wonderful place to be because you can be right on the river or just a short drive away from Chicago. Halfway house has a wonderful community surrounding it that will keep you connected to everything that is going on with the city of Bartlett. When I am looking to find a new home, I like to keep an eye on the neighborhoods that surround a community that I am looking at. There are several in the area of Barlett and looking around I am happy that I decided to look at Halfway house because of its close proximity to downtown is where I want to live. The proximity keeps me moving forward with my decision to move forward. I love that the Halfway House has a swimming pool and workout room and they also have a very large swimming pool that has a diving board and slides for the kids. It gives me plenty of things for my children to do but still allows me to be close to my own home. If you are looking for a new home in this area of Barlett Irvine CA then you need to look at Halfway house. This is a community that is going to keep you in your home and close to everything that is going on. You can find out more about this community by going online or stopping in to the location. I would encourage anyone looking to find a new home in the area of Barlett Irvine CA to take a look at Halfway House. It might just change your mind about moving closer to downtown.