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Information about Sober Living in Addison Illinois

When I moved into my new home in Addison, my first instinct was to ask my neighbors how to find Sober Living in Addison. It was not easy. I had heard of many counselors in the area but none that could give me solid advice on finding a solution for my problems while living with depression. My search ended at a house called Halfway House. I remember driving up and down its curbs as I searched for answers for how to find Sober Living in Addison. The owners were elderly, but not old enough to have gotten a grant. I learned the hard way that older people don’t want to help those younger than them. But they were more than willing to spend time with me and show me the alternatives to my dysfunctional lifestyle. Transitional Living is a nonprofit organization that provides housing for the elderly in central Illinois. Transitional Living also has their own bathrooms and showers. Sober Living in Addison offers twenty-four hour help if you need it in your search for solutions to your problems. One of the things I enjoyed about the organization was their friendly and knowledgeable staff. They helped make the transition a positive experience for me and provided me with the tools and support I needed to find my direction. I cannot recommend Transitional Living in Addison enough. I am happy to say that since moving in I feel like I belong somewhere else.