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Tangu Atlanta GA 30339

A transition from rehab to a sober living home is often a good idea. You get the chance to re-establish...
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Road To Recovery Marietta GA 30062

The Road To Recovery From Drug Addiction offers so much to the person addicted to drugs and alcohol. The initial...
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Rainbow House Recovery Atlanta GA 30310

The Rainbow House is a transitional living center that offers affordable and convenient services to help people recover from substance...
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Sober Men Living Kennesaw GA 30144

Sober men living in Kennesaw Georgia can enjoy a variety of housing options that will give them their own little...
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Safety Net Recovery Smyrna GA 30082

"Safely Sober" is our motto. This is the third establishment of The Sober Living Home in Smyrna Georgia. The mission...
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Agape Recovery House Marietta GA 30067

The Agape Recovery House is a beautiful place with beautiful surroundings for the addict and his family. This sober community...
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Information about Sober Living in Smyrna Georgia

When you are looking for a place to live that will provide you with opportunities to meet other people, and you want to know as much as possible about the homes that you are considering, you need to take a closer look at one of the newest developments in the area: The Transitional Living Complex. This development is located in the heart of Smyrna Georgia right off of Murphy Road. It has been designed specifically with people that need to have some assistance in order to get their needs met, but they do not necessarily need to be in a situation where they are in need of a skilled individual to help them transition from their current life to a new one. Transitional Living provides housing for people who have either gotten a diagnosis of some type, or who are in the process of getting one. These homes are designed around the concept of giving the person a comfortable place to live that is equipped to help them with their particular needs. They offer both onsite personal care services and in-house community living options. When you are looking for an affordable and convenient place to live, you may want to take a closer look at The Transitional Living Facility. These homes are a wonderful investment because of their ability to give people the opportunity to find a place to live that will truly match their needs and match their unique personality. If you are in the market for purchasing one of these homes, you can find them through the listings provided by the Georgia Department of Revenue. You can also check online for some nice deals on the homes available for purchase.