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Tangu Atlanta GA 30339

A transition from rehab to a sober living home is often a good idea. You get the chance to re-establish...
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Rainbow House Recovery Atlanta GA 30310

The Rainbow House is a transitional living center that offers affordable and convenient services to help people recover from substance...
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Safety Net Recovery Smyrna GA 30082

"Safely Sober" is our motto. This is the third establishment of The Sober Living Home in Smyrna Georgia. The mission...
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Agape Recovery House Marietta GA 30067

The Agape Recovery House is a beautiful place with beautiful surroundings for the addict and his family. This sober community...
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Information about Sober Living in Mableton Georgia

You know, I’ve been looking for years for a place to call home in Mableton Georgia. This area of the greater Atlanta area is known for its charming, unique, historic townships and beautiful mountain vistas. What you’re looking for – a place where people are happy, easy going, and full of creativity. This is the reason I love living in Mableton. The first place that I look is the internet. The internet has definitely become a great tool to locate any information you need. If you want to find a place to call home in Mableton Georgia, I would start off my search on Google or another search engine. Here you can type in “Mableton Georgia” or “Sober Living in Mableton.” After you have typed this in and hit the enter key, you will be directed to websites of several places where you can live in Mableton. Another place I would like to mention is the Transitional Living Center. Here you will find information on a number of different programs that are designed for seniors. These include assisted living communities, independent living communities, as well as various other options. This is a great place to find a house to call your own, where your daily needs won’t be overlooked. It’s also a great place to raise a family and enjoy your retirement years.