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Serenity Grove Athens GA 30607

The Serenity Grove Apartments is a great place to start out on your journey to living an addiction-free life. The...
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Palm House Recovery Center Athens GA 30606

"The Palm House" is a sober living community based in Athens Georgia. The Sober Living Center was established as a...
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Athens Addiction Recovery Center Athens GA 30606

The Athens Addiction Recovery Center is a complete care facility offering inpatient rehab, residential treatment and outpatient treatment. The transitional...
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Information about Sober Living in Athens Georgia

If you have been looking for a new home, you may have run into a Georgia real estate agent that has told you about some of the neighborhoods in Athens Georgia that are best for families and retirees. They may tell you about Athens-based housing developments such as historic The Forge, or the upscale Ashford Crossing communities, both located in the upscale south end of the city. While you are out looking, you should keep an eye out for the Athens Georgia Transitional Housing Authority, also known as The Halfway House. The Athens Brunswick link includes many low income apartments in a row of highly ranked homes in the Athens Hills. This development is set to open soon, and you might be just the person that can help to make it a reality. So why exactly would you want to move to this area of Athens? Well, you will find so many opportunities here that you may never want to leave. The area offers world class shopping, as well as dining options, movie theaters, and other cultural attractions that are sure to enthrall any visitor to this corner of the Georgia Dome. There are also many senior apartments here, and many of them have a walking path that leads right out your front door! So, if you want to live in an area where you can mingle with other retirees, while enjoying your retirement, then this is definitely the place for you. And, if you want to enjoy the nightlife, then you won’t even need to venture too far from the restaurants and clubs of the famous APA area. If you want to get a jump on the competition when it comes to finding a new apartment, you want to check out the listings of the Athens Brunswick area. You will find so many properties here that you could spend an entire week just viewing them. After seeing what’s available in this area, you will be glad you took the time to look around. After all, you do not want to settle into any apartment here until you see what you like. This is how to find sober living in Athens Georgia!