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The Anchorage Inc Leesburg GA 31763

The mission of The Anchorage Inc. is "To Provide the Best Possible Opportunity to each member of our communities who...
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Behavioral Health Group Albany GA 31707

When I moved into a transitional living facility in Albany Georgia, I was surprised at the diversity of people that...
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Graceway Recovery Residence Albany GA 31701

Since 2021 GraceWay have provided an alternative drug rehabilitation program for people who want to cleanse their body and mind...
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Information about Sober Living in Albany Georgia

How to Find Sober Living in Albany Georgia? With a growing problem of drug abuse and addiction in our country, GraceWay Ministries has developed an innovative program that combines spiritual discernment with professional therapy to help people find lasting sobriety. GraceWay is a non-profit agency founded in 2003 by Sister Josephine Johnson. Since then, GraceWay Ministries has given a tremendous spiritual resource to millions of individuals seeking sobriety. The” Twelve Step Program” teaches that all addicts have a need for a deeper understanding of themselves and an organized system for dealing with life’s struggles, including gaining self-esteem, developing courage and becoming a more effective, self-aware person. The twelve-step program emphasizes the importance of choosing your battles and making wise choices rather than being consumed by them. A major part of this process will involve participating in a GraceWay transitional living home. Transitional housing homes are homes carefully selected based on their proximity to qualified medical treatment and addiction treatment centers, and their relative accessibility. Participating in a transition house reduces many of the social stigma attached to substance abuse, and it empowers participants to take charge of their lives, take responsibility for their health and become better educated about their disease and their accountability for their choices. How to find Sober Living in Albany Georgia by attending a GraceWay Transitional Housing Program gives people a powerful opportunity to experience what true recovery feels like. You can choose the location of your new home by browsing online and viewing photos of the property. You can also search by zip code to narrow down the choices.