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Pure Life Sober Living Tampa FL 33624

Pure Life Sober Living provides "sober" living in a comfortable, peaceful setting for its residents. The mission of Pure Life...
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New Beginnings Of Tampa Tampa FL 33612

If you're ready to make a fresh start, learn how to live a new life and give your life over...
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Real Recovery Sober Living North Tampa Tampa FL 33613

If you are looking for a non-profit, residential treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, look no further than...
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Gratitude Homes of Tampa Bay Tampa FL 33606

Gratitude houses of Tampa Bay are a unique way to find a peaceful place to live. They offer affordable housing...
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Information about Sober Living in Town 'n' Country Florida

“How to find Sober Living in Town and Country Florida” is a short booklet designed to get you started on your road to recovery from alcohol or drug addiction. In the short paragraphs, we will address some of the obstacles that most new-and sometimes existing-drug addicts will face in their journey to sobriety. We will describe the characteristics of a good addiction recovery program, outline the twelve-step process and offer some case studies of people just like you who were able to recover from addictions and live productive lives even though they were living in halfway houses, hotels and boot camps. This short booklet was designed to be short, concise and to strike an important chord. “Real Recovery Florida” is based on the twelve-step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as well as other professional standards set forth by the International Council for Addiction Treatment (ICAT), a non-profit agency devoted to addiction treatment. Our goal is to give people with addictions the structure and accountability they need while in recovery. With our program, you will learn how to live as an alcohol/drug addict in the real world rather than simply in isolation. You will learn the skills you need to cope with people, work and maintain employment and how to make use of the resources available to you to get well. This book can serve as a reference for anyone struggling with addictions. It is not intended to supplant the services of a professional addiction counselor or psychologist but to supplement those services. If you are ready to take charge of your own recovery, this book can be a tremendous resource. If you find it challenging to follow a program of this nature, contact professionals who are highly trained in this area. This is a book you cannot afford to be without.