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People Builders Clearwater FL 33760

People Builders of Tampa and Clearwater, Fl are well known for providing custom built homes. People Builders offers complete solutions...
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Spencer Recovery Center St. Petersburg FL 33706

St PetersburgFlorida
St. Petersburg Florida has some of the finest rehabilitation centers, treatment facilities and mental health clinics around the world. The...
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Footprints Beachside Recovery Treasure Island FL 33706

Treasure IslandFlorida
A few years ago I read an interesting article about a new facility called "footsteps rehab". I really liked what...
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House of Hope and Dreams St. Petersburg FL 33712

St PetersburgFlorida
"When my father found us as tenants in the house of a house of dreams and hope in Florida, we...
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Information about Sober Living in St. Petersburg Florida

“How to find sober living in St. Petersburg Florida” is a short guide for recovering addicts of alcohol or drugs from transitional housing. If you are new to the state of Florida and have been finding it tough to get sober, don’t worry! This article will walk you through some helpful strategies for finding a “sober living” community in Florida. Our program focuses on providing a strong support system for those newly entering the recovery process. The goal of “Real Recovery Florida” is to give other people with addiction the opportunity to develop strong accountability and structure while still in the early recovery phase. “How to find sober living in St. Petersburg Florida” includes recommendations for choosing a halfway house, a residential treatment center or a residential drug rehab program. A lot of our clients have had to try out several different options and were often discouraged by the lack of help available. There are many halfway houses and detox centers in the St. Petersburg area that specialize in helping recovering addicts, in addition to those looking to move forward on their own in a new direction. Many of these facilities provide “intermediate care” or temporary shelter until an addict has completed a specific program. When in Pinellas County, there are a number of different services available to you and your family including counseling, support groups, legal assistance and job assistance. If you live in St. Petersburg Florida, we strongly suggest that you take advantage of the low cost housing that is now available in the county. Midrange houses in the northern part of Pinellas County will typically sell for less than $300,000. These affordable priced homes offer great potential for making real estate investments. As foreclosure rates in the state are on the rise, we are seeing an upswing in the number of newly constructed single family homes being built. In the upcoming months and years, we should see a significant increase in the construction of new, mid-priced homes in the Pinellas County Florida area, as well as a corresponding upswing in home prices.