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Danny D’s Sober Living – Hallandale Men’s House Hallandale Beach FL 33009

Hallandale BeachFlorida
Danny D's Sober Living in Hallandale Men's House has been providing transitional living homes for men in the Tampa area...
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Sober Living By Tiffany Miami FL 33162

The Sober Living by Tiffany Sober Living is a unique transitional living home for individuals who are recovering from substance...
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Recovery House 54 Sober Living Home of Hollywood FL Hollywood FL 33020

Recovery House 54 is a beautiful half way house on dania beach in south Florida. This property has been fully...
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Information about Sober Living in North Miami Beach Florida

In this article I am going to talk about how to find sober living in North Miami Beach Florida. This is an excellent way to kick start a new life into a new city, it is also a great place to transition from the old to the new or from living in a small town to living in a big city. I was introduced to Transitional Living when my best friend moved into this area a little over two years ago. “We are transitional living houses in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, North Miami Beach. We offer a secure Haven for customers to healing in dignity, create a strong foundation, and improve their relationship with God.” The reason this company offers a complete transition from life in a small town to living in a large city is because they have a fully licensed and certified alcohol recovery expert on board. The addiction treatment team consists of licensed alcohol counselors and therapists, social workers, physical health specialists, and psychologists. As you might imagine there is a ton of diversity within this team, which is why the business model is “halfway house”. What this means is that after the client has had one round of treatment at the transitional center they will then be sent to a halfway house for additional treatment or counseling. In addition to offering full treatment at the halfway house, they also offer support in the form of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, a nutrition program, a beauty shop, a meeting space for active individuals, a swimming facility, a gym, a meeting room for live webinars, a library, and a pantry. Of course you will also find full access to medical, legal, and financial support to ensure you are successful during your stay at the transitional home. Of course, once you leave the halfway house you are on your own, but again no one is taking on your case exclusively. You will have the option of continuing to live at the halfway house as well. Of course once your credits are completed and you are ready to get back to living in a society much like your life prior to receiving treatment, you will have the opportunity to do so.