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Alco Halfway House Jacksonville FL 32206

Located in the beautiful area of southern Florida near Lake Lanier, Alco Halfway House Sober Living is conveniently situated and...
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City Houses Inc Jacksonville FL 32206

If you're looking for a new home or thinking about buying a new home in Jacksonville, Florida then you will...
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Stepping Stone Center for Recovery Jacksonville FL 32216

"I have been sober for just over two years and I can honestly say that stepping stone has changed my...
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Lakeview Health Jacksonville FL 32216

If you need affordable housing in Jacksonville, Florida then look no further than Lakeview Health Services. They are a non-profit...
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Oxford House Raising Hill (Men) Jacksonville FL 32210

Oxford House is a newly built senior living community for men in Jacksonville, Florida. Located at the edge of Spring...
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Information about Sober Living in Jacksonville Florida

Finding a community that provides jobs for people with drug or alcohol addictions is a challenge in any area, but it is doubly difficult in Jacksonville. While the main drag in Jacksonville is Atlantic Beach, there are a lot of problems with crime and unemployment that drive away people looking for jobs and are caused by high rents and high real estate costs. Sober Living in Jacksonville is basically finding somewhere to live that is not blighted by these negative factors. I’ve been looking for awhile for a place like this and have some good news – I’ve found them! I live in New Jersey and have had some issues trying to get jobs here in North Palm Beach, Florida due to my addiction. Here in Jacksonville there is a transitional living community called The Village. This place is designed around job seekers who are struggling but still need a home. Here you will meet people who are like-minded and are in need of a job, and who want to help. One of the great things about transitional living is that the staff is amazing. They really understand what people are going through and they are not judgmental, they just want you to succeed. Last week I went with my friend Carol to the Transitional Living Center. She lives in a complex right on the water in Palm Beach Gardens, and she was thrilled to find a nice apartment complex that looked clean, well maintained, and a little out of the way. Her daughter had her attending school in one of the complexes nearby, and Carol was able to stop by and speak with some of the teachers. When we left, Carol and I were so glad that we had been given such a nice option in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We will be able to move our family there permanently once our oldest daughter finishes school. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place, and our life won’t be interrupted by the constant traffic and pollution of the Capital Region.