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Sober Living | Hollywood FL Fort Lauderdale FL 33301

Fort LauderdaleFlorida
Sober Living in Fort Lauderdale Florida means that the individuals staying in the residence have attained a certain level of...
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Project SOAR Recovery Residences Fort Lauderdale FL 33304

Fort LauderdaleFlorida
Project SOAR Recovery Residences offers clean and sober living by means of an ex-offender detoxification program. This is a residential...
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Only Hope Sober Living Pompano Beach FL 33060

Pompano BeachFlorida
The Only Hope Sober Living facility is located on a beautiful twenty-acre lot in the beautiful Pompano Beach Florida area....
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New You Sober Living Oakland Park FL 33334

Oakland ParkFlorida
Welcome to New You Sober Living! This is a program designed for adults looking to completely change their lives and...
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New Friendships Fort Lauderdale | Sober Living Halfway House Wilton Manors FL 33305

Wilton ManorsFlorida
As the weather gets warmer, New Friendships Fort Lauderdale will be even better. The first thing you will notice is...
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Potential Life Recovery Sunrise FL 33322

The Sunrise Florida area is a beautiful place to live, and with the help of the amazing transitional living homes...
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Information about Sober Living in Coconut Creek Florida

If you have ever had to move because of a divorce or even just because of a relocation, you probably have wondered how to find sober living in coconut creek Florida. This is a very difficult question and one that can be answered in only a few sentences. You will be happy to know that there are plenty of quality hotels and apartments that offer so much more than just rooms for the night. Let’s take a look at what we mean by sober living. When we say that a hotel or an apartment that offers “sober living” is a so-called transitional housing facility, what they really mean is that they provide accommodations that are affordable and suitable for someone who needs some extra help in adjusting to their new surroundings. Sober houses, as you probably already know, are run-down motels that are often the result of a foreclosure or bankruptcy. Transitional housing facilities were designed for people who need to get some temporary living arrangements while they are getting back on their feet. They can be rental condos or apartments, but they are often better than hotels since most of them provide decent, clean, uncluttered interiors, with a yard, a swimming pool, or some kind of gym. The only thing you usually need to do is ask if they have any walking trails or other amenities available. In addition, they may offer activities such as yoga, art classes, and chess so you can learn a little something new while staying at your new hotel! If you are currently staying at a hotel or an apartment, you should look around in order to see if you can find any transitional housing available. There are quite a few luxury transition houses in Coconut Creek, so you should not have too much trouble finding one in your price range. Keep in mind that these properties are not necessarily cheap, but they are also not going to break your budget, either. In some cases, a good way to find these properties is to contact a real estate agent who deals with mid-range properties. You may even be surprised when you actually find something affordable in the area that you are looking for.