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Information about Sober Living in Connecticut

About Sober Living Centers This is a complete listing of Sober Living Centers in Connecticut. These centers are designed for people who have made the decision to enter into recovery from their addiction. The treatment provided at these centers are specifically designed to help individuals overcome their addictions and live an alcohol free life. Sober living centers offer both residential and outpatient treatment programs. The residential treatment programs offered by residential centers are focused on treating specific behavioral and emotional symptoms of substance abuse and addiction. These treatment programs offer individual, group, and family treatment. Some residential treatment centers provide treatment in a one-on-one environment, while others offer a mix of individual and group treatment. Family-oriented treatments are also available. There are two types of substance abuse treatment in the state of Connecticut. One type of treatment is medically supervised in a medically supervised facility and is known as a medically supervised alcohol detoxification program. This type of program is commonly used by the state of Connecticut for individuals who have decided that alcohol is not the solution to their alcohol related problem. The second type of treatment is in an Out-patient detoxification program which is a short-term treatment program that is provided by a medical professional in a residential environment. This type of treatment is often used by individuals who are already in a short term detoxification program.