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“I’ve done a lot of research about Sober Living Homes for alcohol and drug addicts. The information I found was quite shocking to me. There are many areas in So…


262 Gaffey Rd, Watsonville, California 95076

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Elevate Addiction Services Watsonville CA 95076

“I’ve done a lot of research about Sober Living Homes for alcohol and drug addicts. The information I found was quite shocking to me. There are many areas in Southern California and throughout the country that offer halfway houses, treatment centers, and rehab programs, but none of them seems to be in Watsonville CA. There must be lots of people in that area who need help with their addictions, but no one is posting signs, talking to people, or offering up the resources to let them know they exist! ”

This is why I want to introduce you to Elevate Addiction Services so that you can get a full picture of what a complete, drug testing, sober living environment looks like. Elevate Addiction Services is a treatment and rehab facility in Watsonville, California which offers residential treatment and outpatient treatment for those suffering from various addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, sex addiction, prescription drugs, and much more. What’s great about this house is that it is not like any other houses in that it offers a one hundred percent drug testing, no alcohol or anything else, and twenty-four-hour onsite supervision. So what is this crazy house and why do a former porn star, an addict, and anyone else suffer from these kinds of problems when they can have a normal, clean, drug testing, sober living environment? Well, read on and find out!

It all started when a friend of Elevate Addiction Services’ owner, Dave, went into rehab after being treated for his addiction to cocaine. After getting clean, Dave wanted to continue his education and get a master’s degree in counseling, but he had trouble finding a halfway house in Watsonville that was still accepting clients with his level of addiction. Elevate Addiction Services was one of the first companies to provide inpatient, residential treatment and recovery programs, and Dave wanted his loved ones to have a place to go if he ever faced relapse, or if he was just going to be spending too much time at the house. The staff at Elevate Addiction Services truly cares about their clients and their families, and they made sure that they could accommodate Dave’s addiction without affecting the rest of the staff and the clients. He’s been clean now for three years, and all of his friends from the halfway house are no longer addicts, they’re great guys who do a great job helping people with addictions recover!

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