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Agape Assisted Living Home Care Concord CA 94519

A transition or so-called senior living home can be anything from a transitional living facility or senior care facility to...
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TLC Residential Concord CA 94520

TLC Residential Sober Living in Concord California is located in the hills of the San Fernando Valley, right in the...
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Weyland Consultation Services Walnut Creek CA 94597

Walnut CreekCalifornia
There are many options available for those looking to transition from the past to a new future with Weyland Consulting...
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Information about Sober Living in Walnut Creek California

Sober living can mean different things to different people, but for anyone who has to deal with an addiction and or understands the challenges that come along with living with substance abuse problems, the term Sober Living is something that often brings to mind. Substance abuse solutions counselors and programs understand that people need a support system in order to stabilize them and keep them from going back into a state of hyper-involvement in their life. It is a known fact that addiction is not only a physical dependence on substances like alcohol, but is also a social one; it is something that happens in the person’s mind as well as in the person’s surroundings. The term Sober Living recognizes that, even in Walnut Creek, there are many individuals who need counseling and other support services in order to get clean, sober and stay clean. The goal of any of the treatment options that are offered by an outpatient addiction treatment center is to help a person to become emotionally stable, gain greater self-control, learn coping mechanisms, learn new behavior management techniques, develop skills that enhance self-esteem and confidence, and most importantly, remain drug free. The problem with so many drug rehab centers is that they fail to utilize all the treatment approaches in the holistic treatment process. When the goal is to treat an individual holistically – meaning that all treatment methods are utilized – then the success rate for staying clean and sober goes up tremendously. The Walnut Creek community is fortunate in that there are a number of reputable, holistic treatment programs that are housed within its walls. The most prominent of these is the Substance Abuse Treatment Center (SATA), which has been running since 1974. The mission of SATA is to provide high quality, comprehensive addiction treatment and support services to those who are living in Walnut Creek, but are just looking for an alternative method of dealing with their addictions. Many of the other addiction treatment programs are also available on an outpatient basis at the Walnut Creek Community Resource Center (WCRC).