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The Ranch Sober Living Lemon Grove CA 91945

Lemon GroveCalifornia
A few years back my parents decided they wanted to move into a transitional living center. At first I was...
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Braveheart Recovery Home San Diego CA 92123

San DiegoCalifornia
Braveheart Recovery Home is a transitional living facility that caters to those people who have been sober and found the...
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Sober Living Normal Heights San Diego CA 92116

San DiegoCalifornia
Sober Living in San Diego California is a place that many people enjoy because it offers both a transition to...
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Casa de Oro Women’s Sober Living Spring Valley CA 91977

Spring ValleyCalifornia
Casa de Oro Womens Sober Living is situated on a beautiful piece of land, just up the hill from Spring...
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Information about Sober Living in Santee California

“I’m happy to say that the halfway house of Addiction Treatment in Santee California has changed my life. For three and a half years, I struggled with my addictions and was a very lonely person. I spent a lot of time alone because it was such a painful experience. When I started going to this place, it was a fresh start. It’s a place that teaches recovery from addiction and recovery is possible no matter how severe your addiction might be. “The mission of the halfway house is to provide an environment that encourages recovery by providing a supportive, therapeutic atmosphere, individualized treatment plans, and by training staff in the areas of mental health, life skills, crisis response, and peer education,” according to the website of the Addiction Treatment Centers of Southern California (ADCSCA). This unique organization offers two types of treatment options: group therapy in group homes or an addiction treatment program in one-on-one or group homes. The goal of both types of programs is the same: to give individuals the tools they need to live productive and successful lives even if they are struggling with addiction. As an addiction recovery program, the goal includes educational and life skills development, physical therapy, and medication management, and professional counseling. “Seed Living” is an accredited facility that can help anyone struggling to kick the habit. Whether you are in a menial addiction problem or have developed depression because of your addiction, you may want to consider signing up for the halfway house program at ADCSA. The residential treatment program helps you build the strength to get through your withdrawal and gives you a place to work on your recovery, and to meet other people who have been through the same difficult experience. As an addiction recovery support system, the halfway house staff will help you make the most of your time at the halfway house.