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Horizon Services Inc Hayward CA 94541

Horizon Services Inc. was founded in 2021 by Frank Shankwitz and wife, Melinda. They are committed to creating an environmentally...
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Life House Recovery Homes Hayward CA 94541

"Life House Recovery Homes is a non-profit organization offering transitional living facilities for individuals, men, women and families in the...
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TLC Residential San Ramon CA 94583

San RamonCalifornia
TLC Residential Sober Living in San Ramon California is a full service, reasonably priced, the community of choice with TLC...
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Information about Sober Living in San Ramon California

The best place in how to find sober living in San Ramon, CA is definitely the local mental health and addiction treatment facilities. The transitional living center in particular has been a great asset for my family since my parents retired in the early nineties. They have allowed my siblings and me to stay at their facility while my mother continues to work full-time. I have enjoyed many summer trips and adventures with my parents, all the while enjoying the close bond of familial support that we have built over the years. I have also enjoyed receiving treatment from some of the best professionals in the field of drug addiction treatment. A quick internet search of “transitional living center in San Ramon, ca” will bring up many pages of results from different agencies. You can read testimonials of loved ones who have benefited from the services, or you can simply click on the links to learn more about the various treatment programs that each facility offers. Many times you will also find a map of the facility’s grounds, making finding a safe place to reside very easy. While there are many wonderful treatment facilities in the world, I have found that the best place to get the help that I need and deserve is located in my own hometown. One summer evening, my parents took me and my siblings to visit my grandmother’s retirement community in northern California. While we were visiting my elderly mother, she suddenly became very sick and spent the entire day in the hospital. She was admitted due to the fact that she had developed a weak immune system after suffering with cancer for several years. While in the hospital, my younger brothers and I witnessed my grandmother being treated with an addiction treatment program that consisted of twelve step programs, spiritual support, and an education about her illness. This experience deeply influenced my relationship with alcohol, drugs, and the disorders that result from them; lessons which I hope to pass along to my children as they learn how to find sober living.