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Miracle House Sober Living South El Monte CA 91733

South El MonteCalifornia
If you have difficulty sleeping at night or if you feel like you are not in control of your emotions,...
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Garfield Place Transitional Sober Living Home Monrovia CA 91016

Garfield Place is a transitional living facility for seniors that serves both men and women, based out of San Francisco....
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Elijah’s House Treatment Center Pasadena CA 91104

Elijah's House is a transition care center that offers residential treatment, residential services and transition supplements. The main purpose of...
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Angels Way Pasadena CA 91106

Angels Way Sober Living in Pasadena California can give you a real home that will give you support when you...
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Latinas Sober Living Los Angeles CA 90033

Los AngelesCalifornia
Many Latinas in the United States have become so overcome with stress and anxiety that they often need help with...
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Starting Over Sober Living Pasadena CA 91107

Starting Over: Sober Living in Pasadena California has something to offer residents who find themselves in recovery from alcohol or...
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Information about Sober Living in Rosemead California

Whether you are searching for a sober living facility in San Diego, California or another area of the nation, the transitional living program may be able to help you. The Transitional Living Program is designed to help those with addictions recover by giving them the skills they need to live in a productive and safe environment. In order to qualify, candidates must be receiving inpatient substance abuse treatment and have at least six months of community supervision. This will give them the ability to enter into a halfway house or facility while receiving treatment and the resources they need to keep from relapsing back into their old behaviors. They can also learn new life skills while putting their addiction under control. If you are wondering how to find sober living facilities in Rosemead, you will want to contact transitional living in Rosemead. Transitional Living offers several different residential options to those in need. Some of these include The Bridge House, which is a nine bedroom home on three acres that has a full service fitness center, a hot tub, and a full service spa. Living in The Bridge House is ideal for individuals suffering from addiction who are trying to kick their habits, and need to make sure they are taking charge of their lives again. The Bridge House also offers its residents’ case management, life coaching, individual therapy, and support groups. Other transitional living homes are available throughout Rosemead and can range in size from one room to five bedrooms. They are also equipped with full services including: health care, laundry, housekeeping, transportation, and credit counseling. As a treatment facility for substance abuse in the San Diego area, transitional living provides its residents with the resources they need to become successful. While living in the transitional living program, you will meet and work with professionals who are prepared to support you in your recovery. Transitional living is also accessible via the internet, so you can easily research your treatment options and get the help you need.