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CASTLE Marin San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
CASTLE Marin is an ideal, green-oriented community in the Pacific Grove section of San Rafael, California, just minutes from the...
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Luminous Sober Living San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
Luminous Sober Living in San Rafael California is an all inclusive full service, residences that provides guests with a comfortable,...
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New Bridge Foundation Berkeley CA 94709

The new Bridge Foundation Sober Living Center in Berkeley California has been designed specifically with residents in mind. This twenty...
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Marin Services For Men San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
Marin Services for Men Sober Living in San Rafael California gives you a lot of options for your men's rehabilitation....
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Sober Living of Marin- Office San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
The Sober Living of Marin-Home Based Option for Transition and Recovery from Addiction provides support, information, and resources for families...
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Gateway Sober Living Envrnmnt San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
Gateway Sober Living is located in San Rafael California. This transition house is a transition between sober living homes and...
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Clean Living Learning Center El Sobrante CA 94803

El SobranteCalifornia
The Sober Living Learning Center in El Sobrante California is a new member of the transitional living network of care...
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Information about Sober Living in Richmond California

How to find Sober Living in Richmond California can become easier if you take the right path. The last two years have seen a major increase of substance abuse and alcoholism-related crimes committed in the city of Richmond. This epidemic has created a multitude of problem for the people and families trying to find sober living options for their loved ones in the city of Richmond. You can make a difference by finding a local facility that is fully licensed to treat these particular addictions, thereby ensuring their safe and healthy stay while under the care of professionals. When choosing a transitional or residential program for an addict, it is important that you research their credentials, as they should be in line with the recommendations of your trusted addiction treatment provider. Choosing a transitional living facility can also become more challenging when you find that your loved one cannot eat or sleep due to complications of substance abuse. This can be especially true with children, who in many cases are the victims of sexual and other crimes committed by their parents due to their addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. If you suspect that a child may be suffering from sexual and other crimes due to an abusive situation, contact your local substance abuse treatment provider for advice on finding a local crisis center. Once you find a facility that meets your specific needs, it is important to provide the staff members with the proper tools to treat your loved one while successfully transitioning into a sober living situation. Transition teams consisting of doctors, therapists, and other professionals dedicated to assisting addicts and non-addicts alike, are very crucial in helping to properly transition your loved one through this difficult process. This team will consist of professionals who are certified by The National Association of Sexual Addiction and Compulsive Disorder and other professional groups. It is important to note that sexual offenders are not welcome in any transitional treatment facility, therefore you should be prepared for the possibility that your loved one could return to their old ways at a later date.