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CASTLE Marin San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
CASTLE Marin is an ideal, green-oriented community in the Pacific Grove section of San Rafael, California, just minutes from the...
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Luminous Sober Living Novato CA 94945

The Luminous Sober Living is a transitional living community in Novato, California. This new community is geared towards people who...
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Hamilton Field Sober Living Home Novato CA 94949

Hamilton Field Sober Living provides transitional housing for men and women experiencing life transitions from one stage of life to...
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Marin Services For Men San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
Marin Services for Men Sober Living in San Rafael California gives you a lot of options for your men's rehabilitation....
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Sober Living of Marin- Office San Rafael CA 94901

San RafaelCalifornia
The Sober Living of Marin-Home Based Option for Transition and Recovery from Addiction provides support, information, and resources for families...
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Full Circle Addiction & Recovery Services San Anselmo CA 94960

San AnselmoCalifornia
A transition status can be anything from serving time in a drug rehab to simply not being able to afford...
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Information about Sober Living in Novato California

For people who have become fed up with the typical drug rehab center, it may be time to consider looking into a halfway house for alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Novato California. This is a common practice being utilized by several addiction treatment centers in the North Bay area of Northern California. When considering your options, it is important to learn exactly what transitional homes look like, what services they offer and how to make an appointment to visit. A transitional living unit might be nothing more than a small apartment in the city of Novato, or it could be a private home for an individual’s treatment of substance abuse. What is common with these homes is that the resident will be put through residential treatment prior to being admitted into the full on-site facility. When an individual has chosen to enter an alcohol and drug treatment program in a group or with a private counselor, they can often move into a transitional living situation after their initial stay. This allows them to continue their counseling and treatment with other recovering addicts while not affecting their recovery as much as the immediate family is feeling. How to find a sober living in Novato, California is largely dependent on how far away from the nearest alcohol and drug treatment center you wish to go. You can use the Internet, or even ask your closest friends if they know of any halfway houses in the area. The type of treatment you receive at the halfway house will depend on the level of addiction you are trying to battle. If your addiction is mild, an on-site program is sufficient, but if you are dealing with serious addiction, you may require one-on-one counseling and/or inpatient treatment at a larger facility.