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Women Sober Living Murrieta CA 92563

Women's Sober Living in Murrieta California offers women the chance to transition out of their life of abuse and towards...
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Information about Sober Living in Menifee California

How to find Sober Living in Menifee California is as simple as a Google search. You can also check out forums where you can get honest feedback on the various addiction treatment centers in the county. The Menifee community is fortunate to have a wide range of resources for those in need. Many churches offer spiritual support at regular church events, and there are other charitable groups such as the Lions Club that operate a food bank and soup kitchen. The Menifee Area Foundation is another resource that provides opportunities for those who are in need of both substance abuse treatment and assistance with employment. If you’re looking for a center that offers a one-on-one detox program and addiction treatment programs, you’ll want to look into Heartbeat International. Located just outside of Menifee, Heartbeat offers residential treatment centers as well as outpatient programs for those suffering from substance abuse issues. The residential treatment centers offer one on one support, group therapy, and medical assistance. Those in the addiction treatment programs will meet on a weekly basis for group therapy, where they will receive information and encouragement. There’s also a helpline that offers 24-hour access for any questions or concerns. If you find yourself needing help, there are a variety of outreach programs that can provide it. For Menifee area residents only, Project Prevention is a good place to find local resources. If you are looking for help outside of Menifee, you may be able to find services in the cities of Anacapa and Redding. Regardless of what you choose to do, the support offered by local substance abuse programs can make a difference in your recovery.