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Foley House Whittier CA 90604

Foley House is a unique community that provides unique living opportunities to residents. The housing offers two types of housing...
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free indeed sober living Hawthorne CA 90250

Sober Living...
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New Life House Sober Living and Recovery Community Torrance CA 90504

"New Life House sober living" is the name of a residential treatment center in Torrance, California that strives to offer...
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Latinas Sober Living Los Angeles CA 90033

Los AngelesCalifornia
Many Latinas in the United States have become so overcome with stress and anxiety that they often need help with...
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Chains of Love Sober Living for Women Los Angeles CA 90018

Los AngelesCalifornia
"Chains of love: A New Approach to sobriety for women in recovery" by Bill Foster will be the third book...
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Fresh Start Sober Living Homes Long Beach CA 90807

Long BeachCalifornia
While many families choose to move into a residential program like sober living or halfway house programs for their loved...
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Sober Living Inc Inglewood CA 90301

A transition time in life is often difficult, but can also be the most rewarding time of one's life. A...
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Information about Sober Living in Lynwood California

Finding sober living is often a battle that many people face. In fact, I was recently able to move into an addiction treatment facility in Lynwood, California. My transition to full-time counseling was rough, to say the least. This past January, I had what I thought was a successful interview process with a representative from transitional living Lynwood, but I was not ready to move into the facility until I received the satisfactory results of my initial assessment. Once I moved into the facility, there were many challenges, but overall, it was satisfying to have found a place that would work for me. The transitional living center is located in Lynwood, just a few miles away from the main Lynwood Hospital. If you have been struggling with substance abuse and want to go back to being in control of your life again, this is a great place to start. In a substance abuse treatment program, you will learn coping mechanisms, life skills, and coping mechanisms that can help you prevent relapses and continue on with your recovery. One of the main goals of substance abuse programs is to teach participants to stay sober so that they do not relapse. Once I found sober living, it was very rewarding to be given such an opportunity. It was also very scary, and I did not know what to expect when I stepped into the facility. Luckily, my first counselor was very understanding and helped me overcome my fears. She shared with me her own experiences and helped give me a road map to follow. Now that I am back home, I can look back and see that I made a positive choice.