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Food Distribution Center – North County Sober Living Vista CA 92081

A food distribution center - North County facility offers so much to the communities. It serves as a food service...
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Casa Pacifica Sober Living for Men – Solana Beach Solana Beach CA 92075

Solana BeachCalifornia
A transition to alcohol and drug rehab is often referred to as a sober living program. It is intended to...
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Sober Living Today LLC Carlsbad CA 92008

Sober Living in Carlsbad, NM is a transitional living facility. Sober Living provides a variety of affordable options for seniors...
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Way of Life Sober Living Inc. Del Mar CA 92014

Del MarCalifornia
The mission of Sober Living in Del Mar California is to offer a non-judgmental, therapeutic approach to living an active...
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Immersive Recovery San Marcos CA 92078

San MarcosCalifornia
This article will give you a brief introduction on the Immersive Recovery program based in San Marcos California. This program...
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Casa Pacifica Sober Living for Men – Encinitas Encinitas CA 92024

The Casa Pacifica Sober Living Homes is located in Encinitas, California and offers housing options for men who are ready...
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La Costa Sober Living Carlsbad CA 92009

La Costa Sober Living is one of the many affordable options for housing in the scenic hills and mountains of...
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South House Sober Living Carlsbad CA 92009

South House Sober Living is located in Carlsbad, NM. It was founded by Bill Pelham, who started it in 1974...
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La Costa Solutions for Women Carlsbad CA 92009

La Costa Solutions for Women Sober Living in Carlsbad California is a 12-site residential treatment and rehab community for women...
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Casa Pacifica Sober Living for Men – Carlsbad Carlsbad CA 92008

Casa Pacifica Sober Living is an addiction treatment center located in Carlsbad, NM. This is a one year sober living...
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Information about Sober Living in Encinitas California

There are many ways of finding a place to live including private rented housing, HUD homes for the poor, transitional living facilities for the mentally ill, and drug addiction treatment centers. One type of facility that offers sober living is the sober living program at the Harmar Center. The Transitional Living Program in Encinitas California is a 12-month program that helps the person who has struggled with alcohol and drugs to deal with their condition, find a new way of life and learn to become sober. The transitional living program works to encourage and help transition individuals from childhood into adulthood. The Harmar Center offers sober living in Encinitas and throughout the County of Riverside. The transitional living program operates through the support of the local government. Many of the individuals in the program are from low-income families and come from various neighborhoods across the country. The transitional living program works hard to provide each family with individualized attention, making each individual feel comfortable with their new surroundings. They make sure to bring home a “home team” so that all of the residents feel comfortable and get along with each other. Transitional Living is a great way to transition individuals from childhood to adulthood without suffering relapses into drug addiction or other drug abuse. Many times families are unable to continue living in their home once their child has begun using drugs or an alcohol. Drug rehab centers offer help with finding permanent housing and other forms of assistance.