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Information about Sober Living in Delano California

When it comes to finding the right drug addiction treatment center in California, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable agency. Luckily, we have a place that can help you find sober living with a substance abuse treatment program in Delano California without having to worry about spending your money on an “imitation” drug rehab program. We are called “Halfway House” for a reason – our clients get a full assessment before committing to a program, and they’re free to move if they don’t feel comfortable there. Instead of forcing them into a program, the staff at Halfway House carefully examines each person’s needs and determines which treatment method is best suited for them. This is in stark contrast to many drug rehab facilities where the wrong program is selected, and the client gets stuck in it. Many people assume that if they know where to find sober living in Delano, they will automatically find a good addiction treatment center nearby. Unfortunately, our area tends to be fairly rural, and unless you live close to an addiction treatment center, you may not find anything close by. Fortunately, our affordable housing options mean that people don’t always have to choose between living in a small rural community and receiving treatment for their addictions. Instead, they can simply choose a residential option in a city nearby, like Palm Springs, or look for a less expensive apartment or condo building in the city of Palm Springs (also conveniently close to AVRT). Even if you don’t know where to find sober living in Delano, there are a few places worth looking. In particular, we recommend visiting the homes of former clients who were able to receive treatment at Halfway House. We often take former clients’ houses for our own personal use when we can’t make it to a client’s home – it’s just too hard to feel comfortable about seeing someone in their residence without knowing exactly who lives there. If you do decide to visit a Halfway House, make sure to bring a trusted friend or relative. Our other recommendations include: The Sanctuary, Palm Springs Village, and Care Cove. Each of these locations offers residential treatment as well as a variety of supportive services and resources for those in recovery.