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What Exactly Does Addiction Treatment For Substance Abuse Really Involve? As you start your search for the right drug addiction treatment center, it is helpful to know what is involved with drug rehab programs. There are physical, mental and emotional components of treatment to consider as well as ongoing services related to spiritual, physical and emotional well being. There will be a trained staff member who will be working with you on a day to day basis to ensure that your needs are being met. Your addiction can be managed effectively and you can have the strength to maintain your sobriety by following a strict program that is designed for you. This is accomplished through the use of medication that is part of your treatment plan. There may also be meetings or group therapy sessions with other members of the treatment community who are dealing with similar addictions. What Services Do I Need at a Treatment Center? Your addiction must be addressed and treated in order to be successfully treated. This can be achieved by a team of experts that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists and other mental health specialists. They all work together to help you get your life back on track and avoid returning to substance abuse and alcoholism. In addition, there are counselors available to work with you to help determine the best plan for your particular needs. Who Should I Talk to About an Addiction Treatment Program? Your addiction should be discussed at length with your doctor before you proceed. You may have to take some sort of course in order to acquire additional information about addiction. Once you have been diagnosed, you should seek out a certified addiction specialist or psychologist who specializes in the treatment of substance abuse. It is important to find an individual or group who has the education and expertise necessary to successfully deal with your specific addiction and to get back to a drug free life.