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Health Connect America Florence AL 35630

Health Connect America, also known as Health Connection, is an organization that offers different types of residential options for seniors....
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Bradford Health Services Florence AL 35630

The goal of Bradford Health Services is to provide quality, affordable and convenient senior living facilities for the citizens of...
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Shoals Treatment Center Sheffield AL 35660

When you choose to move to or live at one of the many Sober House Programs that is located in...
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MOMS Inc / Quality Life Center L.L.C. Formerly TVDTM Florence AL 35630

Mom's Working Moms, do you think of yourself as a member of the working class? If you answer "Yes" to...
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The Lotus Recovery House LLC. Florence AL 35630

Sober Living in Florence Alabama: This is the mission statement of The Lotus Recovery House LLC. In their mission statement...
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The first step to addiction treatment is to identify that you suffer from addiction. Addiction is a state of mind, not a physical or chemical dependency. Most addicts have a personality disorder and cannot help themselves. While many of them do have a physical dependence (e.g. physical addiction, nicotine, or alcohol), most of them cannot even begin to comprehend what their addiction actually is. The next step to addiction treatment is the diagnosis of the disease of addiction in your body. The doctor may determine that the patient has a substance dependence or an addiction to a specific behavior. If you are diagnosed with an addiction, then it is time to begin treatment. You need to seek counseling or therapy for your problem, and seek help for yourself. Once you have received adequate therapy and the proper counseling for yourself, you can begin to address the cause of your addiction. Your doctor will likely have a number of questions that you will have to answer, so ask them as many questions as you need, so that you can learn as much about your condition as possible and how best to deal with it. You also need to understand your limitations and what you are able to handle. Addiction does not have a cure; there are no pill, powder, spray, pill, inhaler, capsule, inhaler, whatever that you can take that will cure you from your addiction. You are not alone in this situation. Many of the same people who have lost their jobs or have been the cause of other problems in their lives have also become addicted to drugs or alcohol, so you should never feel as though you are alone.