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The Herring Houses of Dothan and Step By Step Recovery Dothan AL 36303

The Herring Houses of Dothan and Step By Step Recovery are about halfway house, residential treatment center, and an alcohol...
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Southeast Intervention Group Dothan AL 36301

Many people find it difficult to go from heavy dependency on alcohol and drugs to a life of sobriety and...
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Alcoholics Anonymous Dothan AL 36303

Alcoholics Anonymous is a Christian based organization that was started inwickburg, Virginia and since its establishment, it has helped countless...
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Bradford Health Services Dothan AL 36303

"Sober Living in Dothan, Alabama" is the name of the acclaimed, full-service, long-term inpatient rehab facility for adult men, women...
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Spectra Care Dothan AL 36303

As a child of divorce, my friends and I sought help from the professionals at the Southeast Interventions group in...
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Methadone Clinic Newton AL 36352

The Methadone Clinic in Newton Alabama has been providing residential treatment to heroin addicts and other persons having a substance...
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Information about Sober Living in Dothan Alabama

Addiction is an illness that primarily affects the mind and behavior. The addict must get through treatment to become healthy again. Addiction treatment should help the patient do the following: cease using drugs, stop the addiction process. Be productive in the society, in the family, and at work. In addition, in order to become a drug free person, you must change your lifestyle to one that promotes abstinence from drug use. With the help of professional counselors, you will be introduced to the various ways of stopping the addictive behavior and learning how to stay sober. Most addicts who undergo addiction treatment are able to overcome their addictions and go on living a drug free life, without relapses. Before choosing an addiction treatment center, make sure that the center has been certified by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). If not, you can also find out from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) website. These websites have all information regarding addiction treatment centers, their accredited programs, the cost of the treatment and so on. You may also want to find out about the history and reputation of the center before deciding to go for it. Many addiction treatment centers also have forums on the internet for those who want to communicate with each other. You can also find out from the center’s website if they accept insurance or not. As with any treatment center, it is advisable that you find out all about the center before selecting it. Do some background check on the rehab center and see what other patients have to say about it. Ask friends and family members to recommend a good treatment center. Ask the center’s counselor or therapist, if there are any complaints about the treatment program or methods employed by him. Do a background check on the center’s staff. It is always advisable to find out from a counselor, the background of his patients. Once you are satisfied with the center, you can plan to move on to the next phase of your recovery.