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All Types Counseling Services LLC Frankfort Illinois 60423

All Types Counseling Services LLC is a drug rehab facility located in Frankfort, IL. The organization offers six unique drug...
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Orland Park Alcohol and Drug Rehab Orland Park Illinois 60462

Orland ParkIllinois
The drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Orland Park, IL provides quality drug addiction treatment programs for individuals suffering...
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Christian Counseling Orland Park Illinois 60462

Orland ParkIllinois
In Orland Park, IL there are many local Christian Counseling facilities that provide good substance abuse treatment. There are a...
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Southwest Community Services Inc. Outpatient Therapy Tinley Park Illinois 60477

Southwest Community Services Inc. Outpatient Therapy Drug Rehab in Tinley P (TPWD) is a drug rehab facility for persons who...
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Brightside Clinic Tinley Park Tinley Park Illinois 60487

The Brightside Clinic is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that offer quality substance abuse treatment in Chicago, Illinois. The...
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Information about Drug Rehabs in Frankfort Illinois

The Alcohol and Drug Addiction Center of Frankfort, IL treat both alcoholics and addicts of all ages. It is the only in Illinois. The center is staffed by counselors, therapists, social workers and medical staff members who have all been certified by the American Psychological Association. The addiction treatment program is housed in two different locations: One facility is located in the City of Frankfort itself and the other is located in the village of south central Frankfort. Both the Frankfort City and south central facilities offer substance abuse treatment for those who are battling alcoholism, prescription drugs or their related conditions. In addition to the treatment provided by physicians and doctors, the substance abuse treatment center offers patient-related services such as medical detox and after care, individual and group therapy, and medication prescribed by mental health professionals. Both of the treatment centers offer a complete detoxification process which includes placement on inpatient detox and residential alcohol or drug rehab programs as needed. In addition, the Frankfort addiction treatment center has a full service relapse prevention and education program, and an outreach program which brings various people together to help fight this problem. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol or another controlled substance, there is help available for you. There is never a cure for alcohol or substance abuse, but with the help of qualified professionals you can make a fresh start. The sooner you seek treatment the sooner you will achieve recovery. Please contact the Frankfort Alcohol and Drug Addiction Center today for more information on what they have to offer.