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Drug Rehabs in Salida, Colorado are located in Canon City, Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. These centers provide comprehensive health care services that aim to help people recover from alcohol and drug abuse. The Drug Rehabs in Salida, Colorado can help treat physical health issues as well. Most of these centers offer an integrated approach to health care, counseling and rehabilitation for their patients.

“Soli Health offers addiction treatment, mental health and primary care (primary care clinic located at Canon City).” The Soli Health system is a private organization that is dedicated to treating substance-related disorders. We serve the entire community by providing comprehensive care, health and wellness programs, residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. We are the leader in the treatment of alcohol and substance related disorders.

The Substance Abuse Treatment Center (TATC) at the Community Foundation is one of the premier Substance Abuse Centers in Northern Colorado. We specialize in drug rehabilitation, treatment of co-occurring conditions, and individual and family therapy. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive holistic treatment of your individual or family. We are committed to providing a non-judgmental, caring and compassionate environment for all who seek treatment. Our focus is on improving the quality of life and recovery through the provision of evidence-based treatment.

The Drug Rehabs in Salida, Colorado are located in Canon City, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Golden, Littleton, Parker, and Glenwood Springs. Each center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, staff and treatment programs to offer the highest level of care. In addition to medication-based treatments, these centers offer various other therapeutic forms of treatment such as behavioral modification and yoga. This combination of treatments helps patients gain greater insight into their problem and develop new behaviors that will allow them to lead a drug-free lifestyle.

Drug Rehabs in Salida, Colorado offer treatment that ranges from a twelve step program through a 12 step program for individuals suffering from alcoholism to the more complex drug rehabilitation programs for those with substance use disorders. In addition to medication-based treatments, the centers offer detoxification and outpatient programs such as life skills training and relapse prevention.

For individuals that want to treat a drug or substance abuse through a drug rehab center, there are programs that are available for teens and families. Our programs are focused on individual families and helping each member of the family to realize they are a part of the recovery process. Drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado are committed to working with you as a whole family. Family involvement and ongoing support are essential to keeping you in your recovery.

Our Drug Rehabs in Salida, Colorado focus on the development of self-awareness and family functioning in order to provide assistance with emotional and physical therapy. There are various options for each family member, including individual, group, and family-based therapy. and group therapy. Programs are provided to improve self-esteem and help individuals move out of denial.

As an addiction specialist, I see drug abuse and addiction on a daily basis and know it can be very difficult for families and individuals to break free from this destructive cycle. I see it as a lifelong battle with no short-term solutions. These drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado offers you a way to get through this battle and lead a normal, drug-free life. By taking one or more of the programs offered, you will be able to begin your journey in a positive, healthy manner.

In the drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado, we have many treatment programs for children and adolescents. The programs offered are geared towards individual needs and are often targeted to address behavior that occurs in the home, school, community, and at work. You can be assured that you will be given the attention and treatment you need, regardless of how young your child may be.

We have drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado, that are not simply just about taking drugs. Instead, the focus of our programs is on developing coping strategies for you and your family. to learn healthy ways of managing stress and achieving success. Through these programs, you can learn new skills, develop a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and achieve a feeling of personal growth.

Drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado, offer a variety of treatment options that can help you succeed. Regardless, of whether you are looking for drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado, you will be able to find a program that is right for you and your family. If you are a teenager or young adult, you may find treatment through an outpatient facility or a residential facility. If you or a loved one is an addict or alcoholic, you may receive inpatient care or complete inpatient care. The staff at any of our drug rehabs in Salida, Colorado, are committed to helping you recover from the devastating effects of drug addiction.


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Salida (/səˈlaɪdə/ sə-LY-də; Spanish: [saˈliða], “exit”) is a statutory city that is the county chair and most populous city of Chaffee County, Colorado, United States. The population was 5,236 at the 2010 census.


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