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If you have friends or family members who are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, then a good idea is to consider attending a drug and alcohol rehabi…


1516 Ocotillo Avenue, Parker, Arizona 85344

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Community Intervention Associates Parker AZ 85344

If you have friends or family members who are struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, then a good idea is to consider attending a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program through the use of an organization such as Community Intervention Associates. A local community intervention team can help provide resources and information about substance abuse treatment facilities for any area in which a person may reside. These community intervention teams were designed specifically with the intent of connecting those struggling to overcome substance abuse issues with professionals who can assist them in their endeavors. The most important function of the intervention team is its ability to connect the individual to treatment at whatever level is needed at that time. They can refer the individual to various treatment programs based on the needs of the individual and whatever other special needs may be involved.

In addition to the important role that these teams play in assisting addicts to overcome their addictions, they are also instrumental in teaching those battling addiction the skills necessary to lead a productive life after they have been liberated from their addiction. Through their role as educators, professionals and partners, these groups are able to educate the public about the need for appropriate substance abuse treatment programs, recovery options and ways to assist addicts and alcohol abusers to avoid relapse once they leave rehab. In addition, these groups can also help to develop and implement community-based prevention strategies. These strategies include community education, specific message boards for advertising the services of drug rehab facilities, street clean-up programs and community events to assist addicts in finding support and connecting with local resources. Community intervention teams can also provide direct referral to substance abuse treatment centers, if necessary, upon request.

While the group does not diagnose, treat or cure any illness, they do provide an invaluable service in helping those suffering from addiction to realize their goals, improve their confidence and regain the will to overcome their problems. This service is especially valuable when it is used by those who are afraid to admit they have a problem. Whether the patient has already received a diagnosis from their doctor or is self-diagnosing, these groups’ expertise and experience can help them to feel confident enough to enter into treatment and to stay focused during their stay at the substance abuse treatment center. If you or a loved one are fighting addiction, you should consider looking into the possibility of forming a specialized community intervention team to assist you and others in your area in combatting substance abuse.

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