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The state of Arkansas is known for a number of beautiful places, and one of them is Magnolia. The scenic area of Arkansas is famous for its rolling hills, the arid landscape and the gorgeous views it has to offer. One of the popular tourist attractions in Magnolia is the bridge named Ashtar Bridge.

It is the longest commercial span in the world, at 108 feet long, and is a known symbol of national pride in Arkansas. However, it has many stories that have been told about it.

First, Ashtar Bridge is a controversial bridge. Its builder was paid millions of dollars to have a work crew to finish the bridge so that it could be unveiled.

The bridge was designed to span two oil derricks. In the past, oil was not allowed to flow across the bridge because it contained traces of crude oil.

Since oil was once used to transport people across the bridge, the oiling crews became the victims of the drunkards who wrecked the derricks. To add insult to injury, many states banned the use of oil on the bridge, but the oil was simply transported elsewhere.

Over the years, the state of Arkansas added parking areas for the derricks, as well as water intakes and other facilities. Eventually, the derricks were removed and the highway was paved, creating Ashtar Bridge that runs across the top of the hills.

Some people believe that Ashtar Bridge is a symbol of progress in Arkansas. As the governor and other state officials worked to get rid of the oil from the derricks, it appears that the bridge was built to continue the progress of the state. However, others say that the old oil was just too heavy to carry across the span.

The bridge can be seen today as the bridge is partially covered with a thin layer of rock. It is partially visible from the highway because of the oil that covers the bridge.

Some say that Ashtar Bridge served as a shield against the effects of the Iraq War and in doing so saved the lives of many soldiers who were killed by roadside bombs. Others say that the city decided to cover the bridge, so that it would not look like a lifeless object standing next to the freeway. This was done to avoid negative attention.

For some, the bridge is a reminder of the evil that was involved in the war. Others say that it serves as a sign of how fragile life can be when the dark side of humanity can thrive and when all hope and change are lost.

One thing is certain: if you are ever driving through Arkansas, you should keep an eye out for the Ashtar Bridge. Of course, you might not see it or notice it until you’re on the bridge and all is quiet. Then, when you see the sign, take a moment to note it, and remember that all things are not always what they seem.


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Magnolia is a city in Columbia County, Arkansas, United States. As of the 2010 census the population was 11,577. The city is the county chair of Columbia County.

Magnolia is home to the World’s Largest Charcoal Grill and the World Championship Steak Cookoff, part of the Magnolia Blossom Festival.


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