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If you are searching for a suitable drug rehab center in Alabama, your first step is probably to go to Selma and look around. I personally like Selma for a few reasons.

The main one being that you are able to see the real life consequences of the drug abuse, as many Selma residents have been found dead after overdosing. But more than that, the experience in Selma is known as one of the toughest drug rehab centers, and they have the most creative staff.

There are plenty of other things to enjoy in Selma. When you get into Selma, the first thing you will notice is the weather. As you know, Selma’s infamous weather is generally bad at any time of the year, but this year it is extremely hot.

Just walking down Selma Main Street you can smell the smoke from the burning marijuana. The people just don’t seem like they are having fun at all. You can see this in a few of the people walking down the street on the sidewalks.

Selma is one of the worst places to be in if you want to take advantage of a wonderful drug rehab center. When you have a chance to live in a place where drug use and addiction are rampant, this should encourage you to head to Selma.

Selma offers three types of rehab facilities. The first type of facility is known as a residential center. Here you have to live in a house with three other residents.

Since you are not living in a house, the staff has no reason to make you feel comfortable. The house will typically be so dirty that you can’t even stand up in it. The residents will usually be depressed and unhappy as well.

The second type of Selma rehab is the inpatient center. Here, you will stay in a dormitory or apartment, and they will actually treat you like an inpatient. You will get a 24 hour room service, and you will get medical attention in your own bed.

In this type of treatment, the residents will have the same personality type as you do. It will be a typical kind of place, and you will feel at home.

Lastly, the last type of Selma drug rehab is called the outpatient center. In this type of treatment, you get a nursing home, and all the amenities you can imagine.

In Selma, you are essentially treated like an outpatient. You are going to the hospital and then to another room to be kept overnight, and you are completely under the care of the hospital staff. The only difference is that the staff will come to visit you every day.





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Additional information about Selma, Alabama


Selma is a city in and the county seat of Dallas County, in the Black Belt region of south central Alabama and extending to the west. Located upon the banks of the Alabama River, the city has a population of 20,756 as of the 2010 census. About 80% of the population is African-American.

Selma was a trading middle and shout from the rooftops town during the antebellum years of King Cotton in the South. It was plus an important armaments-manufacturing and iron shipbuilding middle for the Confederacy during the Civil War, surrounded by miles of earthen fortifications. The Confederate forces were defeated during the Battle of Selma.

The city is best known for the 1960s Selma voting-rights goings-on and the Selma-to-Montgomery marches, beginning with “Bloody Sunday” in March 1965 and ending once 25,000 people entering Montgomery at the grow less of the last march to press for voting rights. This activism generated national attention for social justice and that summer, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was passed by Congress to sanction federal oversight and enforcement of constitutional rights of everything citizens.


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