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Enterprise was located in Alabama a while back and we had the privilege of visiting their facility. Since they offer rehab for women in their program, we went with a female patient of the program and was very impressed with their work force and their dedication to success.

Enterprise offers a good mixture of physical therapy as well as clinical services. They provide comprehensive care through nutrition counseling, exercise therapy, mental health counseling, social services, parenting skills, and alcohol and drug education. They are working on getting their Community Health Services program as well as their family violence counseling and treatment program recognized as effective statewide programs.

Some of the people that helped us locate Enterprise were their medical director, director of nursing, admissions director, executive director, supervisor of occupational therapists, head of behavioral health, director of the rehabilitation program and several counselors. Most of these professionals are local and would be knowledgeable about the drug rehab options that the state has for women in Alabama. However, we had to ask each of them separately as they are all involved in helping women in the local community.

In the fall of 2020, we attended a Women’s Day Dinner for Women on a Local Dining Room and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with Beverly Adams, director of operations for Enterprise. This program is funded by the state of Alabama, so the focus of their program is women from the greater Birmingham area, but now they are looking to expand to other parts of the state as well.

Beverly has been working in the area for over 20 years and is a resident of Enterprise. Enterprise is one of only five clinics in Alabama that offer these services to women.

When we attended the reception for our visit with Beverly and Enterprise, we were impressed with the care that Enterprise takes in providing this service to women. Each session we attended was well organized and well coordinated. Their staff members were very personable and friendly.

Most of the staff members on staff were available for discussion, help with issues that we had, as well as a living room where a group of women could mingle and discuss issues that we had discussed with them. We had one woman, Donna, who has been in the program for nine months and was a member of the family violence program before that.

For those of you who are not familiar with Enterprise, it is located in Huntsville, Alabama just outside of Birmingham. The center is open for men and women and is accredited by the Association of Behavioral Health Programs.

In addition to providing specialized women’s programs, Enterprise also offers an alternative management training course and an MBA to their staff and clinical staff. Many of the members of the management team have real estate backgrounds and have been able to provide the necessary expertise to help with training and the program that are provided.

Another aspect of the program that allows them to reach many more women is the involvement of the Alabama Hospitality Management Association, which allows them to provide the proper accreditation of their program. The AHHS is a network of healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nursing facilities that are accrediting programs in Alabama that can show clients the proper standards that must be met in order to perform quality care.

We would like to thank the staff and patients for their cooperation and willingness to answer our questions. While we visited Enterprise and were able to meet Beverly, it was still a wonderful experience to have the opportunity to get to know the workers and also the patients that will be involved in the program.





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Additional information about Enterprise, Alabama


Enterprise is a city in the southeastern allowance of Coffee County and the southwestern allowance of Dale County in the southeastern part of Alabama in the Southern United States. The population was 26,562 at the 2010 census. Enterprise is the primary city of the Enterprise Micropolitan Statistical Area (with the allocation of the city located in Dale County allowance of the Ozark Micropolitan Statistical Area), and is also portion of the Dothan-Enterprise-Ozark Combined Statistical Area.

Enterprise is well-known for the Boll Weevil Monument, a large monument of a girl holding a boll weevil, which is located in the center of Main Street. The city erected the statue because the destruction of the cotton crop by the boll weevil had led to agricultural diversity, starting with peanuts and more prosperity than had ever come from cotton alone. It is said to be the lonesome statue to an insect pest in the world. Enterprise is right outdoor Fort Rucker, an Army base which is the house of Army Aviation.

Enterprise is home to Enterprise State Community College.


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