• Trump Administration Takes Redundant Step on Opioid Crisis

    Reports indicate that Donald Trump is planning on signing an executive order meant to combat the continuing opioid epidemic faced by the United States. The executive order will create a commission which will be charged with the task of compiling and publishing a report about the next steps to take in the American opioid crisis. […]

  • Former Colombian Leader Warns Duterte of Drug War Dangers

    Former Colombian president Cesar Gaviria raised questions regarding the war on drugs policy of current Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, penning an opinion piece that was published in the New York Times in early February, 2017. As Colombia’s president during the time of Pablo Escobar, one of the most infamous drug kingpins in all of history, […]

  • Obama’s Drug Czar Speculates on the Future of Recovery

    In February 2015, Michael Botticelli became the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). The background he brought to the office gave him a unique vantage point: Botticelli himself is in long-term recovery, the first person in addiction recovery to serve in the position. Botticelli was rightfully proud of all that he […]

  • 8000 Opioid Antidote Kits Distributed in West Virginia

    The opioid epidemic is causing devastation from sea to shining sea. Some states are being hit especially hard by the substance abuse situation, including West Virginia. In an effort to stave the number of fatalities caused by opioid overdose, the state is distributing over eight thousand opioid overdose prevention kits. The kits contain the life-saving […]

  • New Treatment Uses Ketamine to Curb Alcoholism

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but some are calling for ketamine to be administered to those struggling with alcoholism.   The scientists who support the treatment argue that ketamine can be used to “erase” memories related to drinking, allowing clients to overcome their alcohol addiction. Tests are underway at University College London, where psychologists are attempting […]

  • Duterte’s War on Drugs Continues

    In late January of 2017, the highest police official in city of Manila in the Philippines announced that the police would no longer be participating in the country’s violent drug war — at least until after rogue officers have purged from the department. However, this announcement by the police is at odds with the statement […]

  • How to Cope With a Spouse Undergoing Addiction Recovery

    One of the biggest factors in successful addiction recovery is having a devoted support system. It is very difficult to have a spouse with addiction issues, but your assistance can make a huge difference. These tips can make it easier for you to deal with a spouse who is finally in recovery. Stay Patient Recovery […]

  • Ten Characteristics of a Great Rehab

    How Can You Differentiate Between Good and Bad Drug Rehab Centers? Life is full of stress and chaos. Everyone is different, and each person handles stress their own way. Sometimes people use drugs to cope, which often leads to addiction. When this happens, all hope is not lost. There is help out there at a […]

  • How Politicians Get High: Drugs in Washington, DC — Blog 54

    When it comes to drug use and addiction, politicians are not so different from their constituents.   As much as voters would like to think that the officials they elect conduct themselves in a manner beyond reproach, the truth is that politicians are not impervious to the turmoil of substance abuse. A politician who promises […]

  • Crohn’s Disease and Addiction

    What pushes a person to drug or alcohol addiction varies, with factors such as environment, genetics, health, and more weighing in. Those with ill health may turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with symptoms that don’t end, or the psychological pain of having to deal with a chronic disease. They may also […]