What We Can Learn From Sean Penn’s Interview With El Chapo

Sean Penn has said the whole time that his interview with notorious drug trafficking kingpin El Chapo was to illuminate the horrors of America’s War on Drugs. To his credit, the War is as big a failure as Penn suggests, but the journalist-imitating-actor had a few issues with his reporting. Rolling Stone admitted to allowing the drug lord approve the final product, but didn’t edit Penn when his interview began with rambling self-indulgence.


Now, why would the top of the drug smuggling food chain do an interview for a piece that supports ending the War on Drugs? America’s War keeps the illegal trade alive, the dirty money El Chapo and others make as a result of illegal drug trafficking would be totally nullified if the United States proposed legalizing and regulating narcotics as well as other powerful illicit drugs. If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs or alcohol, please call American Drug Testing to set up your consultation at a substance abuse treatment facility.


Then, what would El Chapo’s motive be? Perhaps because the interview gave the kingpin an opportunity to be portrayed for what he truly is, an impoverished Mexican boy turned ultra-rich drug dealer who manufactured a fruitful life for he and his family. The relationship between the Mexican economy, government, drug cartels, and American addictions are hopelessly intertwined. The interview does a striking, albeit biased, job of depicting El Chapo as a nonviolent, formerly desperate man who managed to survive through the common Central and South American practice of drug trafficking. El Chapo tells Penn that, within his knowledge, smuggling and addictions have not increased nor decreased due to his smuggling and dealing.


Penn suggests that the problems of drug smuggling are to be solved in other ways besides incarcerating drug addicts and drug dealers. If we treat our addicted populous with drug rehab centers, and educate our public on the perils and consequences of drug use, maybe we can help promote other ways of making money in Mexico.


With no hopes of changing a foreign government deep in the arms of corruption via drug cartels, we can only uphold our end of the bargain. If the United States commits to getting our citizens off illicit drugs, then there will be no market for smuggling. Legalizing, regulating, and treatment education at addiction recovery clinics are the only way to eradicate illegal trafficking.


Do not become another cog in the egregious War that propels millions into poverty, desolation, and death. Funding illicit drug transactions is an untenable aspect of the War, fueling the corruption and lack of economic opportunity in Mexico. To stop the dying, we need to work on our own problems at home. Instead of blaming foreign drug lords who have followed suit, trying to survive, performing the actions of a business that was there before them and that will surely be there after.
If you or anyone you know is addicted to drugs, don’t let drugs destroy the lives of others. If there ever was a time to kick your addiction, and give back in hopes for a better world, the time is now. Please call American Drug Testing Centers so we can connect you with an addiction treatment center that best suits you needs. There isn’t time to waste.

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