Top 5 Excuses People Use to Avoid Rehab

Do you or a loved one suffer from drug or alcohol dependency? Learn the top excuses that people use to avoid rehab and learn how you or your loved one can get the help they need.

It is never one’s intention to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Those that began to experiment with drugs or alcohol often believe that they will be able to control how much they use, or that they will be able to quit whenever they please. While usage of the substance may begin infrequently and in small amounts, dose and frequency may soon be increased in order to maintain the effect of the substance. As more and more of the substance is consumed, the body may become dependent upon it, and cravings take over when they do not use. At this point, the aid of a drug rehab center may be necessarily in order to quit.

Unfortunately, many addicts do not believe that they have a problem and will do whatever it takes to keep themselves out of an addiction recovery facility, as they do not want to stop using. Here are five of the most common excuses that addicts use to avoid getting help.


#1 “I Don’t Have a Problem”


Many individuals that are struggling with substance addiction are in denial of their problem. Consequently, it is very common for those resisting rehab to assert that they do not have a problem with substance abuse. They might also assert that they can stop using anytime that they want. Unfortunately, neither of these statements are true. When in the thrall of addiction, the substance takes over their life, and they cannot quit on their own. It may be impossible for them to stop using the substance without the assistance of a substance abuse treatment clinic.


#2 “Rehab Is Too Expensive”


Even if this excuse were true, it wouldn’t justify a refusal to enter a addiction recovery program. Addicts typically spend exorbitant sums of money on their habit. In addition, addiction is often associated with increased health and legal costs. Going to drug or alcohol rehab will typically save a lot of money when compared to the cost of staying addicted.

No one that needs addiction services will be unable to get help because of financial limitations. Many rehab facilities offer payment plans and other affordable treatment options. In addition, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2011, substance abuse treatment is covered by most insurance companies, and there are a number of low-cost addiction treatment options available within our network.


#3 “I Will Lose My Job If I Go to Rehab”


This is just an excuse. Employees are allowed to take an unpaid leave of absence for drug rehab under the Family Medical Leave Act. This law ensures that employees do not lose their jobs for taking health-related leaves of absence.


#4 “I Do Not Like Strangers Hearing My Problems”


While you are taking part in one of our impeccable addiction recovery programs, group therapy is a safe place to talk about feelings without being judged. Group leaders do their best to provide each group member with a welcoming, safe place to talk. Other members of the group are also working towards the goal of recovery. They can be an invaluable source of support to help each other attain their goals and start a new life free of drug and alcohol abuse.


#5 “Rehab Does Not Work”


This excuse is very common, along with “proof” in the form of anecdotes about unsuccessful experiences. There are many reasons why a previous attempt at getting sober might have been unsuccessful. Maybe the treatment plan was not effective at the last substance abuse treatment facility or the person decided to go back to their old lifestyle after leaving rehab. In order to get and stay clean, a person must make a commitment to work towards recovery, even when rehab is over.


No More Excuses


In order to get sober and stay that way, the excuses must end. If you find yourself making the excuses above or if you hear these things from a loved one, contact American Drug Rehab and see about getting the help you deserve today.

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